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Manipur has a varied and proud history from the earliest times. It came under the British rule after the First Anglo Manipuri war of 1891. In this war, many great heroes of Manipur laid down their lives. Major General Paona Brajabashi died fighting the British Army in the battle of Khongjom. The British then captured Imphal and had General Thangal and Yuvraj(Prince) Tekendrajit hanged.

After India became independent on August 15, 1947; the Manipur Constitution Act, 1947 established a democratic form of Government with the Maharaja as the Executive Head and a legislature constituted by election on adult franchise. This legislative assembly functioned till it was dissolved on the integration of the state with the Dominion of India in October, 1949. Manipur achieved full statehood on January 21, 1972.